Welcome to the

Inaugural International Orientation and Mobility

Online Symposium! 

You are officially a registered participant. 

Our Symposium will begin at 9AM EST on January 25.

What to expect: 

As soon as the Symposium Agenda is set, we will send you an email with all of the details including descriptions and times for your live webinar sessions. 

No later than 24 hours prior to the start of the Symposium, you will receive your Symposium Welcome Packet email that will contain:

  • All of the links and passwords to each of your webinar sessions. 
  • Your Continuing Education Credit and Evaluation Forms. 
  • Any other details to ensure a happy and easy symposium experience for you. 

What you can do now:

Make sure the email address kassy@kassymaloney.com is not being sent to your spam, promotions, or updates folders. You will want ALL of the information coming your way. 

Block off your schedule to be able to attend all of the sessions on January 25. Hey, you paid for them. Might as well take advantage.

Download the video conferencing application Zoom.us so you can get in to the sessions easily. 

Tell your friends! The more people we have join us, the more students we help! 

Any questions? Shoot me an email at kassy@kassymaloney.com