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Hi there, I'm Kassy. I'm an Orientation and Mobility Specialist, certified yoga teacher, and founder of the International Orientation and Mobility Online Symposium. I am obsessed with helping my fellow mobility specialists increase their students' travel skills so their students can lead more independent lives. I run Allied Independence, LLC., an ACVREP certified community driven professional development organization that aims to empower mobility specialists worldwide with the most innovative and effective teaching strategies. 

All people with disabilities deserve to lead successful, fulfilling lives. 


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A happy place to get your learn on. I often post blogs and/or vlogs to help make your student's lives better and your job easier. 

Yoga Book

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If you are looking to share yoga with a student with a disability, check out my book, Yoga for Children with Visual and Multiple Impairments. 

Upcoming Trainings

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Ready to become a better teacher? Check out these professional development opportunities for Orientation and Mobility Specialists. 


The book was really simple to follow and helped me plan a yoga class for my student!
— Laura

Upcoming Trainings

Hey there! If you are anything like me (and you are), you LOVE to see the people you love live their most fulfilled, vibrant lives. 

Lives filled with success, accomplishments, and independence. 

Our children deserve to live their most fulfilling lives and it's our job... err... joy to help them do just that.  

Increased independence. 

Better Social Skills. 

Not to mention, my personal favorite, better motor planning skills

At the time, I was a yoga student myself. Having picked up a daily practice in my 20's after a bit of a hiatus from when I started practicing yoga as a 14 year-old who had been grounded all summer. But that's a story for another time. 

 Connor, age 2, Kassy, Her husband, and Roman, age 1 sitting looking at camera

I became a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance and then a Radiant Child Yoga Teacher in 2010 and never looked back! Since then, I have been teaching yoga and movement to students at TSBVI. While I *love* teaching O&M, my soul get's extremely happy when I get to combine both of my passions and teach yoga to students with visual impairments! 

At some point, I got the wild idea that we need to share the successes we were having at our school and three years later, the book Yoga for Children with Visual Impairments was born. 

During those three years, I got married and had two beautiful, spunky boys of my own. They keep me on my toes and love yoga almost as much as I do. I love getting to watch them develop through yoga as well. Plus, they make great guinnea pigs for new yoga ideas! 

I have had the fortune of collaborating with some of the most prominent resources for teachers and parents of children with visual impairments.

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Allied Independence is proud to be a Continuing Education Provider through the Academy of Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP).