Collaborating with Your Students' Team Members

I had a student who was 13, multiple impairments, no verbal communication, and using an AMD. 

Every lesson, he would hit, bite, and scratch me all the way from his classroom to his dorm. 

None-the-less, he was ready to move away from the traditional Connecticut AMD to a less restrictive device. I wanted to move him to an L-bar, but his teacher adamantly disagreed. 

Here are a few ideas of how to handle this type of situation WHEN it happens. 

How to use Google Maps app with VoiceOver to Travel a Route

How to use Google Maps app with VoiceOver to Travel a Route

Technology is all the rage right now. We are obsessed with everything from our mobile devices, to wearable devices, to apps, to beacons... 

How can we keep up with it all? 

The truth is. You don't have to. Focus on the fundamentals. Cane Skills. Getting out of bathroom stalls. Traveling routes INDEPENDENTLY. Those skills are the foundation of all of your students' travel skills. 

From there, you can start to incorporate new technology and mobile apps in to your students' curriculum. 

Today, we are going to deep dive in to using Google maps and voiceover for students visual impairments.

Tips for Helping Students with Spatial Awareness Issues

It was the second day of school. I was waiting outside of the restroom for a student that I had just met the day before.

I waited. 

And waited.

And waited.

Turns out, she was literally lost in the bathroom stall. 

Helping students with spatial awareness issues can seem daunting. Here is how I was able to modify this student's Orientation and Mobility curriculum in order to help her travel around the bathroom, her classroom, and her school building. 

If those tips helped you, or if you want more information about the Fall 2018 O&M Study Groups, you can find more information here. 


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O&M Study Group

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Yoga for Self Love

Yoga for Self Love

As teachers, we often neglect our own needs during the school year. That's just a part of who we are. We are givers. Summer is our time to refill our cups and give ourselves time for Self Love, or self-care.  Enjoy this Yoga for Self Love class that will allow you to expand in to who you are now and be able to offer your self fully in the next school year.

4 Types of Prompts to Use When Teaching Yoga to Kids with Visual Impairments

4 Types of Prompts to Use When Teaching Yoga to Kids with Visual Impairments

Sometimes the toughest part about teaching yoga is knowing what types of prompts to use to help your students learn the poses. There are four types of prompts I use when teaching yoga to kids with visual impairments. 

While I can't tell you exactly what you need to say for every single student, for every single pose, I can tell you some of my teaching strategies when it comes to promoting your students.