Yoga for Upper Body Strength

Sometimes self care means taking care of the outside of our bodies as well as the inside. What could you do with more upper body strength? Lift the tables in your classroom? Help hang a coat hanger for a teacher you work with? Carry your work items from your trunk to the classroom? 

Yoga for Upper Body Strength is just that. This week, we've got a really fun yoga practice that is a workout-style practice. This is also a flow-style practice. As you can tell, in my own practice, I like to keep moving. I'm not really one to sit in poses for a long time.

This is NOT the case when we teach. When we teach, we teach the pose, pause for the students to feel their success, and then move on. 

Somehow, it can still feel like we are continuously moving in those classes, too! 

Back to us. It IS summer after all. For this class, you won't need any materials. It's another class that is less than 20 minutes. I highly suggest doing this class outside under a tree when it is not too hot. Your living room is also a great place to practice. 

The point is to feel the tingly sensation in your upper body as you move your body through the sequences. 

P.S. You can tell that this class was filmed a while ago. Those of you who have known me a while, know that I got pretty injured one day last year. I accidentally pulled the blinds out of their little holder by our breakfast table. That's where the huge scar on my forehead came from. 

Still, this is a pretty awesome class. 

Take a look at this class and let me know what you think!