Yoga for Self Love

Summer is really the time that we get to reflect, slow down, and allow ourselves a moment to just BE. 

As teachers, we often neglect our own needs during the school year. That's just a part of who we are. We are givers. Summer is our time to refill our cups and give ourselves time for Self Love, or self-care. 

This school year was DOOZY, to say the least. I started the first ever International Orientation and Mobility Online Symposium. I mothered two toddler boys (which is somehow more difficult than a toddler and an infant). I was still the wife to a man who I barely see. The homeowner to a home I am rarely in. And a professional to a very precocious bunch of students. 

Somehow, no matter what we have going on, we all manage to make it work. We manage to show up 100% for our students, for our spouses, for our kids/dogs/family/friends/ever-growing-lawn, etc. We show up 100% for all of them. And, if we are really good about self-care, we might take a bath every so often or have a glass of wine while we are sitting down. 

Yoga for Self Love is your moment to breathe in to the expansion of who you are now. Who you have become. And allow yourself a moment to just BE. You gave 100% of yourself this school year. Now it's time for YOU. 

The poses are not difficult, and it's a pretty short class. 20 minutes or so. You won't need any materials besides a yoga mat, a carpet, or a flat piece of grass under a shady tree. 

Yoga for Self Love is a practice that will allow you to take care of your Self a little bit so you can show up 100% for all of the other things you need to do this summer. 

Watch it and see how you feel during and afterwards. Leave me a comment and let me know how you will practice your self-love/self-care this summer. 

All the love,               <-- (See what I did there?)



P.S. As a quick reminder, I will only be blogging twice/month over the summer. That's my way of slowing down and taking care of my-Self so I can share more with you during the school year. There are some really fun things coming your way starting in August!! Stay tuned!