Yoga For For Beginners

Summer was right around the corner. I could feel it. The sun shining on my face. The flip-flops being slipped on to my feet. 

The two-page checklist of the End of the School Year To-Do's that somehow got longer every time I looked at it. 

Yes, summer was coming. And I was knee-deep in a laundry list of things to do in order to finalize the last duties of my job at TSB. 

Some moments it seemed like a dream. Like packing up my cubicle wasn't really happening. Like the last hugs, the last lessons, the last evaluation, the last data entry... It was like some sort of odd alternate reality that I couldn't quite grasp. 

For better or worse, the "100 Days of May" got me. 

Now that the school year is over, my cubicle is bare, my home office is cluttered, and I have a bit more free time, I am happily enjoying diving back in to my own personal yoga practice. It's been a really sweet treat to be able to practice. I want to share some of my own ways of practicing yoga with you. 

This summer, we are going to be diving in to a Summer-Self Care series. 

That's right. Yoga practices for YOU. Not the kids. YOU! 

This week, we are starting off our Summer Self-Care Series with a Yoga Flow for Beginners. 

In this flow, we go slow enough that you actually get to learn the poses. Though, it's fast enough that your monkey mind doesn't get to fixate on how much you hate yoga, or how dirty your carpet is, or your grocery list, or anything like that. 

This flow is less than 20 minutes. You can practice it anywhere. On vacation. On your lunch break in the shade outside of a building. 

Wherever you go to practice, I hope you enjoy it! Leave me a comment below and let me know like the practice! 



This flow is also in the Activity Library for easy access. Enter your email address to get the password to the activity library. That way, you can just bookmark the activity library page and not have to scroll through the blog posts to find a yoga sequence that you want. :)