Yoga for Confidence

August is like the New Years for teachers. It's the time of year when we feel that exhilaration for all of the possibilities that lie ahead! What can we accomplish in 36 weeks? Almost ANYTHING. Come April, you will be surprised at how far both you and your students have come since August.

For some of us, we are starting the year in new classrooms, with new students, and/or in new positions all together. For the rest of us, there are always new goals to tackle with students we already know. Either way- all of these wonderful possibilities require one thing: Confidence. 

Did you know that certain yoga poses literally create the sensation of confidence in your body? In this Yoga for Confidence class, we are focusing on poses that lower stress and increase the feeling of self-determination. Both combined increase your sense of confidence. Either way, you will leave feeling more energetic and able to get all of the things on your to-do list done! 

Amy Cuddy did a TED Talk, Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are, about these poses and the scientific validation explaining how these poses increase your confidence. I found it fascinating and so similar to what we do in yoga classes. 

Before every yoga presentation, you can find me in the furthest restroom doing these power poses for at least 1 minute each. Before every interview- same thing. It sounds so funny, but try it! Before your next crucial conversation, big presentation, or the next time you feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do, try one of these poses. 

This year I am starting in a brand new position. One that has yet to be clearly defined even. As teachers go back to school this week, I am looking forward to supporting them in the fullest capacity possible. I will be working on the International Orientation and Mobility Online Symposium and teaching presentations on Yoga for Children with Visual and Multiple Impairments throughout the country. There may also be some contract work in my hands soon. I will keep you guys posted. You can bet that many of my days will start with these poses and this sequence! 

Tackle this quick yoga practice, then go get 'em!  

Let us know what goals you have for this school year. What do you want to accomplish? 

Here is to an AMAZING 2018-2019 school year! We are rooting for you!