Collaborating with Your Students' Team Members

During my first year as an O&M Specialist, I had a student with multiple disabilities that I walked to the dorm after school. He was a non-verbal 13 year old male student with Autism. When I inherited this student upon accepting the position, he was using a Connecticut- style AMD.


It worked great for him for the first few months. Then, he started to throw it. Every day. He also started to hit me, bite me, and throw himself on the ground.


Not too bad, unless you are 22, have NO idea what you are doing, and have to get this kid across a community-college size campus right after his gentleman “recreation” time. None of those things were in my favor.


Never-the-less, I noticed that he no longer needed the full AMD. It was time to move towards a less restricted cane.


So, I suggested an L-bar for him.


His teacher adamantly disagreed.


In this week’s vlog post, I share exactly how I navigated the situation and how I approach collaborations with other teachers.



If you like this information, you will definitely want to check out the O&M for Students with Multiple Disabilities Study Group. 

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In case you are wondering, Study Group Registration will be open until we have 30 people in each group. I fully expect them to fill up before registration closes in September.