Collaborating with Your Students' Team Members

I had a student who was 13, multiple impairments, no verbal communication, and using an AMD. 

Every lesson, he would hit, bite, and scratch me all the way from his classroom to his dorm. 

None-the-less, he was ready to move away from the traditional Connecticut AMD to a less restrictive device. I wanted to move him to an L-bar, but his teacher adamantly disagreed. 

Here are a few ideas of how to handle this type of situation WHEN it happens. 

For our students with multiple disabilities, we will always be working closely with the other team members. They won't always agree with our ideas. They may even be very opposed to these ideas, like in this case.

In this week's vlog I am listing out a successful strategy for working your students' team members. 

As usual, these are just one set of ideas. Reply back to me and let me know what other ideas you have used! 

Better yet, leave me a comment on the Facebook video so we can start a community discussion! 


The Study Groups are almost ready for registration!! Because you and I are close friends (I mean, we talk more than I talk to my extended family!), I am opening up a private registration period


As of August 13, you will be able to register for the Fall 2018 O&M Study Groups! Don't worry, I will send you an email with the link. It won't be up on the website until the 20th. 

We are only allowing 30 people in to each group. It's important to me that every single person in each group actually be able to implement each strategy and ask their questions in order to become more confident in teaching their students' the skills they need to succeed. 

Here is a quick breakdown of how these groups will work: 


4 monthly live interactive webinars to help you gain the strategies you need and have your questions answered.

We will meet over Zoom to allow each person the ability to share their ideas, case study information, and ask questions. 

Yes, there will be replays available for a short period of time. Upon registration, you will be sent a survey asking you to tell us your most available times. Even though we all have different schedules, it is my mission that you be able to attend most of the webinars live. 


Using effective methods to help your students with multiple impairments, you will finally begin to see your students' independence rise to it's fullest potential.  

Study guides will help you plan your lessons and record your benchmark data.


Join a group of dedicated Orientation and Mobility Specialists, just like you. 

Get your questions answered before our monthly meetings in our private forums.

Learn from one another as you use the teaching methods in real world situations. 

And of course, ACVREP credit. Because you would totally do this without getting hours. ;) 

With a 1 hour webinar every month and 1/2 hour homework (either case study or lessons), that brings us to 6 hours in 4 months. Not too shabby. 

Want Continuing Education/ Professional Development Credit from your employer? Many school districts have a form that you can fill out to receive professional development credits. I can help you fill out the form or speak with your professional development coordinator to ensure that you get professional development credit from your organization. 

Want to check out more information? Here are the curricula for the Study Groups.