3 Types of Yoga Classes for Kids with Disabilities

The media portrays yoga classes as these calm places with a bunch of people sitting on yoga mats quietly. There is usually one teacher at the front of the room talking in a quiet voice that everyone magically hears. All of the students seem to move gracefully in unison. 

Teaching yoga to students with disabilities is never like that, in my experience. Sometimes we do have a group of students. Sometimes, however, we don't. 

The other day I was at a poster session for a conference and a parent walked by. They said "This is what you do HERE." It took be by surprise. 

Yoga is NOT just something that happens in schools or studios. Yoga happens everywhere. 

There are 3 Types of Yoga Classes for Kids with Disabilities. 

Check out this vlog where I explain the 3 types of classes. 

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